February 09, 2018

Dear Reactis User:

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis® for C V2018 as well as the Reactis for C V2016.0.3 patch.

Reactis for C V2018

The V2018 release of Reactis for C includes the bug fixes that were included in releases V2016.0.1 through V2016.0.3 plus the new features listed below.

  • The tolerances used when comparing actual output values to expected output values can now be absolute. Combinations of absolute and relative tolerances can also be used when checking test results.
  • Scopes can now display multiple signals separately. When displayed separately, each signal has its own scaling but a shared time axis. Scopes can also be configured to display the name of each signal to make identification easier.
  • Scope zooming is now done by left-clicking and dragging a box over an area of interest. After the scope has been rescaled, the viewed area can be moved by right-clicking and dragging.
  • The set of signals as well as the settings to display them in a scope can now be saved to a signal group which can be used to reopen a scope with the same configuration in future Reactis for C sessions.
  • Test execution reports may now include plots of selected input/output values for each test and a step-by-step listing of the coverage targets that were covered in each step.
  • The V2018 release includes a significant number of performance and stability improvements. In particular, test suites achieve the same level of coverage with fewer tests and overall steps. In some cases, the number of tests in a suite is reduced by 90%.

Reactis for C V2016.0.3

The following bugs were fixed since V2016.0.2:

  • Fixed case where type constraints were discarded when synchronizing a test harness with source code (3935).
  • Fixed Tester error for test harnesses which convert small integer types to floating point (3932).
  • Reloading an .rsm file no longer requests to save the .rsh file when the .rsh file is empty (3864).
  • Improved accuracy of location (file/line number) reported for syntax errors (3859).
  • User-guided simulation now works with array inputs with constraints on the element values (3832).
  • Updating a test suite now works correctly with inputs of type "Boolean Array" (3828).
  • Code produced by the stub generator now includes definitions for variables defined in a header file (3794).
  • Fixed case where extra parameters passed to Tester via the API were ignored (3747).
  • A syntactically incorrect macro is no longer flagged as a syntax error if it is never used (3744).

You may download the patches or full installers from the Reactis User Pages.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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