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March 22, 2023

August 14, 2013

Dear Reactis User:

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2013 and Reactis Model Inspector V2013

Reactis V2013

Newly Supported Simulink Features

  • MATLAB R2013a.
  • .slx model file format.
  • Configuration set references.

New Features in Coverage Tracking

The following enhancements in coverage tracking have been made in V2013:

  • Track MCC coverage. Reactis now supports tracking Multiple Condition Coverage (MCC) for decisions in the Simulink and Stateflow parts of a model. Note that MCC coverage tracking can introduce a large number of new targets for a model and is therefore disabled by default. MCC coverage tracking can be enabled in the Edit, Coverage pane.
  • Export coverage reports via API. The Reactis API now includes new functions to create coverage reports after creating a new test suite (rsTesterWithReport) and running existing test suites (rsSimRunSuiteWithReport). For more information on the Reactis API see chapter 17.
  • Track coverage for Pre-Lookup and Interpolation-Nd blocks. In addition to Lookup, Lookup-2d and Lookup-Nd blocks Reactis now tracks coverage for for Pre-Lookup and Interpolation-Nd blocks.
  • When visualizing coverage details about lookup tables, Reactis now shows the actual breakpoint values.

GUI Enhancements

  • Show Simulink block colors (when Simulator is disabled).
  • Text search (Edit -> Find...) now searches Simulink annotations.
  • Show contents of Model Info blocks.
  • Show contents of Doc blocks.

Other New Features

  • If a Validator assertion is highlighted as violated after running a test suite in Simulator, right-clicking on the assertion will show a menu item Run to Violation. Selecting this item runs Simulator to the exact test and step in which the assertion was violated.
  • A new Tester optimization reduces test suite size for some models (while maintaining same level of coverage).
  • Reactis can be configured to run simulations or generate test cases without invoking MATLAB. This mode can be enabled by selecting "MATLAB not available" as the MATLAB version in the MATLAB tab in File -> Global Settings... An up-to-date .mwi (cache) file corresponding to the currently loaded model must exist in the same directory as the model.

Reactis Model Inspector V2013

New Features

  • Support Simulink .slx file format.
  • Support Matlab R2013a model file format.
  • Show Simulink block colors.
  • Show contents of Model Info blocks.
  • Show contents of Doc blocks.
  • Text search (Edit -> Find...) now searches Simulink annotations.

You may download the patches or full installers from the Reactis User Pages.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team