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March 22, 2023

December 20, 2011

Dear Reactis User:

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2011.2

Reactis V2011.2

Newly supported Simulink features

  • Initial support for MATLAB R2011b models. This means Reactis will work together with MATLAB R2011b and models created and edited with these versions will work in Reactis. However, not all new features introduced in MATLAB R2011b are supported. New features will be supported as demand increases. If you would like to see support for a new feature, please send a request to We cannot guarantee all requests will be implemented but we use feedback to prioritize the development schedule (#1862).
  • Support "Variant Subsystem" block (#1517).
  • Support "Model Variant" block (#1925).
  • Support combining actions in state labels (#1726).

New features for coverage tracking

  • Allow disabling coverage tracking for subsystems. Right-clicking on an entry in the hierarchy panel in Reactis now offers an option to disable coverage tracking for the subsystem and all its descendants (#156).
  • Allow disabling of coverage metrics. The new "Edit->Coverage" menu allows users to disable specific coverage metrics that they do not wish to use in a model (#1933).
  • A new coverage metric for Stateflow called Child State Exit via Parent Transition (CSEPT) measures whether a child state in Stateflow has been exited via all transitions originating at its parent state (#34).

New features in Reactis Simulator

  • HTML report documenting simulation run. A new menu item "Simulate->Fast Run With Report" will run the currently loaded test suite and generate an HTML report detailing any errors encountered during simulation as well as differences seen between the output values stored in the test suite and those computed by the model (#1924).
  • Simulation run can now be paused within a step. Previously, clicking the "pause" button during a regular (not fast) simulation run would finish the current simulation step before pausing. This could take a significant amount of time when simulating large models and/or C code. Reactis V2011.2 pauses immediately at the current mini-step (#1996).
  • Allow control over significant number of digits displayed in watched variables window. Right-clicking on a variable in the watched variables window now includes an option to set the number of significant digits displayed for that variable (#1921).
  • Back up directly from within a mini-step. The "back" button is now available while in a mini-step. Clicking it returns the simulation to the beginning of the currently executing step (#12).
  • Reverse execution of C code. When working with C code in the Reactis for C Plugin, buttons are now available for statement-by-statement reverse-execution of the code (#1995):
    • Reverse step into: back up to the previous code line, going back into a function call if control had just returned from that call.
    • Reverse step over: back up to the previous code line, skipping over a function call if control had just returned from that call.
    • Reverse step out of: back up to the code line immediately preceding the call to the currently executing function.

New features in the Reactis Test-Suite Browser

  • Hide inports and outports when browsing a test suite. Right-clicking on a row now shows a menu item to hide the row. It is also possible to select and hide multiple rows. Rows can be un-hidden using an entry in the new "Filter" menu (#80).
  • Filter the steps (columns) shown in the browser using a Boolean expression referring to data items within the test suite. For example, to see each step where the cruise control is active enter a filter expression "active == 1". A filter can be defined either by selecting "Filter->Edit Column Filter..." or by directly entering an expression in the filter expression box at the right side of the Test Suite Browser toolbar (#80).

Other Improvements

  • Allow setting inport constraints for models via the Reactis API. A number of new API functions allow accessing and modifying .rsi files. For more information see documentation for the rsRsi* functions in file reactis.h (within the lib/api folder in the Reactis directory) (#1992).
  • When extracting a subsystem, it is now possible to force the inport/outport data types of the extracted system to match the types of the system within the context of the model from which it was extracted (#1638).
  • The implication operator "a => b" (a implies b), can now be used within Validator expression objectives (#37).
  • Added a "Load and Close" button in Tester results dialog. This button combines the actions of the "Load" and "Close" buttons, i.e. it loads the newly-generated test suite in Reactis Simulator and closes the Tester results dialog (#1923).
  • A new option in the "Test Suite->Export" dialog allows the export of enumerated values as their enumerated names instead of integer values (#1920).
  • The Reactis installer is now a Unicode application (#1994).
  • The "License" tab of the Reactis Settings dialog now shows more detailed information about licenses present in the local license file (#1795).

You may download the patches or full installers from the Reactis User Pages.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team